Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

1. We exercise utmost care in processing articles entrusted to us and clean each article using method that is best suited to its nature and condition.

2. We cannot assume responsibilities for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials that are not visibly apparent prior to processing. This applies particularly, but not exclusively to suedes, leathers, silks, satins, double-face fabrics, vinyl, polyurethane etc.

3. In laundering or dry cleaning, we cannot assume responsibilities for colour loss and shrinkage or against damage to weak and tender fabrics.

4. Any ornaments, valuables, cash or special buttons must be removed by the customers before sending for cleaning. Responsibility is disclaimed for trimmings, buckles, beads, buttons,belts, shoulder pads and sequins etc.

5. In the event of loss by fire, any other loss or damage to article for which we may accept liability, without prejudice, such liability SHALL NOT EXCEED ten (10) times the rates charged for cleaning the article, provided that the claim is made within twenty-four (24) hours after receiving the article and the original tax invoice/contract must be presented. Such claim shall be deemed not exceeding INR 2000.00 or whichever is lowest, unless the value of the article is declared in writing on the Tax Invoice / Contract.

6. Any item which the value declared by the customer, exceed INR 2000.00. The rate charged for cleaning the item will be five(5) % of the declared value, otherwise the normal rates apply.

7. The article, whether partially or completely damaged must be retained by us upon full settlement ofclaim unless otherwise agreed by Dhobhi Chacha.

8. All articles must be claimed within Four (4) weeks from the deposit date of tax invoice/contract. All unclaimed items will be disposed off after the expiry date unless otherwise specified at time of depositing the articles for cleaning.

9. Please check number of articles indicated, otherwise Dhobhi Chacha count must be accepted as correct. In case of discrepancy in count, and if you are not available to verify, our count must be accepted as correct.

10. All articles must be inspected and customer’s dissatisfaction, if any, shall be made known at time of collection, Dhobhi Chacha shall not be responsible for subsequent complaints.

11. Pickup and delivery services will be subject to availability of the staff.

12. The packages don’t include items such as soft toys,curtains, sofa covers & carpets.