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General FAQ's

You can call us or book through app and schedule your laundry pick-up. Else, simply go online and click away.

We are open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. We are open on all days except public holidays.

Currently we are present only in Bangalore.

We understand what hygiene means to you when it comes to your clothes. We do not mix any of your clothes with those of others in order to maintain hygiene. We label each washer, dryer and laundry cart with your identifying information.

Any items determined to have been damaged/ lost by The Dhobhi Chacha will be reimbursed in accordance with the International Fabricare Fair Claims Guide and shall not exceed ten (10) times our charge for cleaning that garment regardless of brand or condition. Before you contact us about damages, please see our terms of service.

Payment shall be collected at the time of delivery of garments in case of Cash on Delivery (CoD) orders. You can also pay online through our App/ Website.

Below are the approximate weights of your garments. Of course it may vary depending on the fabrics Shirt 300 - 400 g.
T- Shirt 150 – 200 g.
Jeans 600 – 800 g.
Trousers 500 – 700 g.
Salwaar/ Churidar 200 – 400 g.
Cotton Pant 450 – 500 g.
Ladies Tshirt 100 – 150 g.
Kurtha 120 – 150 g.
Dupatta 120 – 150 g.
Leggings 150 – 180 g.
Scarf 50 – 80 g.
Track Pant 250 – 300 g.
Shorts 200 – 250 g.
Pair Of Undergarments 120 – 150 g.
Patiyala 150 – 180 g.

We know it can seem strange to give your clothes to a stranger, but our teams of experienced cleaners will always handle your clothes with the utmost care and respect. Which of the facilities your clothes are taken to, will depend on your exact location. You are free to visit any of our laundromats during our office hours.

Starting with Dhobi Chacha

The Dhobhi Chacha is expanding incredibly quickly and we are adding new coverage areas every now and then. We currently only serve in Bangalore in Jakkuru layout, Nagwara, RK Hegde nagar, Agrahara, Thirumenahalli, BDS layout, BDS nagar, Embassy Manyata tech park, Amrutahalli, Sampigehalli, MCECHS layout, Chokkanahalli, Srirampura To check if we are in your area, go to http://www.dhobichacha.in or download our app, where you can find a drop-down of the list of areas serviced by us.

Dont worry about a thing, just have your clothes ready! The Dhobhi Chacha Agent will bring The Laundry Bag to place your loose clothes in, so it helps to have them all together. Upon pick-up, please ensure you have received an acknowledgement of receipt of garments from our agent.

We try our best to ensure that your clothes get delivered to you at the promised time. All wash, dry and fold orders will be returned in 24 hours. In case we’re overloaded, please bear with us.

Products and Services

Here at The Dhobhi Chacha, for laundry, we use Surf Excel Liquid Detergent with additives such as Vanish, Comfort Fabric Conditioners, Rin Ala and other standard over the counter detergents available in the supermarkets. For Dry Cleaning, we use the standardised perchloroethylene. This is the standardised chemical for all "P" dry cleaning.
Unfortunately we cannot take requests for specific detergents as both are automatically added with our high tech machinery.

An iron only service has been a popular request here at The Dhobhi Chacha and so we have introduced an “Iron Only” service. However the charges for Only Iron Services are different. Please visit our pricing page to get complete details.

Yes we do. Your underwear will be put into a wash, dry and fold service and shall be washed only with your load.

Fabric softeners can be provided on request. Just let us know.

Yes, we do provide Dry Wash as well. Just let our pick-up executive know.

Yes. Please see our charge sheet for further details.

Here at The Dhobhi Chacha, we pride ourselves on providing a top quality clean. Unfortunately, some stains can’t be removed even when we try our best and repeated applications of the chemicals can result in damaging the fabric. If this is the case, we will send the item back as it is. If you dont believe the stains were there previously or your generally unhappy with the quality of the cleaning, please do get in contact with our Customer Care though our customer support section on the app or write to us at laundry@dhobichacha.in
The Dhobhi Chacha offers a 24 hour Quality Guarantee so if you are unhappy with anything, you can get in contact with our support team who will look to resolve this for you.

On occassion, we will receive an item we are unable to clean due a number of reasons. On delivery, the item will be delivered back to you as it is. Some items are received with pre-existing damage which we will make a note of in our system. Cleaning these items can accentuate that damage so we don’t want to risk it.

Collections and Deliveires

If the times you would like to book for are unavailable or greyed out, it may mean that area is full or not available at that time. Please have a look on some other days which may also be convenient.

Refresh the app by quitting and restarting the app. If the problem persists, go into your settings and clear your cache. You will need to restart the app again.

At this time we can't book a regular collection and delivery which automatically rolls onto each week so you will need to book a new order each week. However, we are working hard on this, so watch this space.

Unfortunately, we can only deliver to the same address as where we collected. It’s something we are working on so you can have a truly flexible and customisable service. If for any reason, the above is not possible, please contact our Customer Care team who can look to assist.

Using the App

You can view this in your main app screen in case there is an active order. When opening the app with a live order, you should be taken here automatically. In case you want to check your previous orders, please visit the order history page.

Sometimes you get sprung with other arrangements and that’s totally ok. If you don’t know when your next free, you can cancel your order and place a new one when you’re ready. Not sure how to cancel your order, follow the steps below:
1. Pick the active order you want to cancel on the main app screen
2. Choose the “Cancel Order” button

Your order history is available in the app. Open The Dhobhi Chacha on your phone and tap the basket icon at the bottom – that will show you any open or previous orders. From here you can tap on an order and check your order details.

Voucher and Payments

Adding a voucher is nice and easy - simply input your voucher code at the order screen on the app or the website. Please do not forget to click on Apply Code; otherwise the code shall not be applied..

Within the app you have your own special code that you can share with your friends. You can find your code in your account and select the referral discount. Your friends will also get the discount with your code, but remember this is only applicable for friends who haven't yet placed an order with us.

You can only use one voucher at a time.

We know it’s annoying but this can happen for a number of reasons. Some of our vouchers are available for a limited time - so you may be trying to use it after it’s expired. Additionally you may have previously used the same code, or it does not apply to the items or price value in your basket.
You can also only use one voucher per order.
Please make sure you check the information on the voucher and in the terms and conditions. If you are still struggling or believe the code you are trying to use is valid, then please get in contact with our Customer Support team.

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